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Welcome to my webpage. This Airport Database constains statistical information about airports worldwide. Each day I try to improve the database by adding new information about checked passengers and cargo and by adding additional weblinks for the airport locations. I would appreciate any information which you may be able to provide which would enhance my website. Please send information via email to me at jmatuszczak@airportsbase.com


Did you know?

Europe highest airport

According to airportsbase.com Europe highest airport is Kars Airport in Flag of TurkeyTurkey

Did you know?

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On all pages you can see bar "Fast go". This is useful tool to quick go to interesting place - just type ICAO/IATA code or name or just some part of name. For example: type "Kato" and press enter. airportsbase.com not only move you to Katowice but also suggest Katowice airport and 4 anthers cities or airports.
Airport in Krakow Krakow Europe